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Agricultural Bank Site Evaluation Tool

Answer the following questions using this guidance document. When you click Calculate a new window will open with your results. To alter your responses, close the calculation results window, return to this window, make changes and then press submit again. Keep in mind that once this window is closed, your responses will be lost, so be sure to save or print the results window if you need to retain it.

Enter the Wetland Name / ID:

Enter your Plant Communities

Enter as a percentage. Note, each community can be no less than 10% of the total and your total should equal 100%.

Community Type Community
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Selected MnRAM Questions

12. Outlet characteristics for flood retention
13. Outlet characteristics for hydrologic regime
14. Dominant upland land use (within 500 ft)
15. Soil condition (wetland)
16. Vegetation (% cover)
17. Emerg. veg. flood resistance
18. Sediment delivery
19. Upland soils (based on soil group)
20. Stormwater runoff pretreatment & detention
21. Subwatershed wetland density
22. Channels/sheet flow
23. Adjacent naturalized buffer average width(ft)
24. Adjacent Area Mangement (total 100%)
% Full
% Manicured
% Bare
25. Adjacent Area Diversity & Structure (total 100%)
% Native
% Mixed
% Sparse/Inv./Exotic
26. Adjacent Area Slope (total 100%)
% Gentle
% Moderate
% Steep
27. Downstream sensitivity/WQ protection
37. Vegetation interspersion cover
38. Community interspersion
39. Wetland detritus
40. Wetland interspersion on landscape
41. Wildlife barriers

Special Features

Do any of the following apply?
Rare natural community (refer to MnDNR County Biological Survey/Natural Heritage)
Established and persistent populations of federal or state listed endangered or threatened plant species or species of concern naturally occurring in or using the wetland.